Nekeema Grates can be customised in a variety of finishes to suit the look of your next project. Electroplated finishes are right on trend to create a modern, luxe look. To match our quality products any electroplated finishes are completed by the team at Astor Metal Finishes.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the most common method of metal plating. It involves using an electric current to cause a thin layer of metal to deposit onto the surface of a substrate. Essentially depositing one finishing metal onto another base metal. Typically, the base metal is either stronger, lighter, more available or less expensive than the finishing metal. Stainless Steel is the perfect candidate for a base metal to be electroplated. As a strong metal with inherent corrosion resistance which allows for high performance and strength.

Installation & Handling

Electroplated finishes are soft decorative finishes which should be treated with care and ideally installed after other trades – such as paint, plasterboard & tiling. 

Product Care & Maintenance

Wipe over with soft cloth and handle with care. 

  • DO NOT; use masking tape or any solvents 
  • DO NOT; cut drill, etch, weld electroplated finishes. This is universal to all metal finishing galvanising, powder coating, anodising as it leaves an exposed edge and can affect the finish and is especially important to note in wet areas. 
  • DO NOT; leave in plastic packaging as will sweat causing accelerated & inconsistent tarnishing.
  • Storing of electroplated finishes is generally not appropriate or required, however if essential, ensure no moisture, dust, wear or weight. When installed on site before other trades, we recommend heavy blankets, foam packaging or boarded to protect from impact, concrete dust and scratching. 
Spot the Difference
Left: Electroplated finish in ‘Pale Ash Gold’
Right: standard stainless steel with no finish applied

Consider an electroplated finish for your next made to measure stainless steel grates.